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Making you as financially independent as possible
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Our money management service at Love For Mankind is so developed to equip the individuals under our care with the necessary money management skills to live as independently as possible, financial-wise. This service includes financial planning and budgeting to identify a goal and the general direction in which that goal can be pursued.

Among the strategies in this service include:

  • Determining their present financial situation
  • Identifying their financial goals
  • Learning about their alternative courses of action and evaluating their choices
  • Mapping out and implementing a financial plan of action

Through this service, a direct service provider can help a person with managing their personal finances, like writing checks, paying bills, and keeping track of cash, income, or benefits. the service also includes training to assist a person in acquiring, retaining, or improving those skills.

When to Apply this Service

The person’s service and support administrator, or SSA, will assess them for a need for Money Management. If there is a need, the SSA will include it in the person’s individual service plan.
This service complements the work of other professionals by assisting with the completion of day-to-day tasks based on a person’s needs.

Money management can include:

  • bill-paying and preparing checks,
  • balancing checkbooks, reconciling bank account statements, and maintaining or organizing bank records.
  • preparing and delivering bank account deposits,
  • assisting the person with applying for benefits,
  • assisting the person with maintaining eligibility for benefits,
  • consulting or making referrals for consultation regarding available benefits.
  • making referrals as appropriate for the establishment of disability accounts,
  • organizing tax documents and other paperwork,
  • negotiating with creditors,
  • deciphering medical insurance papers and verifying proper processing of claims,
  • providing general organization assistance,
  • providing referrals to legal, tax, and investment professionals,
  • notarizing documents,
  • providing assistance associated with financial tasks when a person

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Does this service sound like the one you need right now? Don’t hesitate to let us know! You may request more information here or set an appointment with one of our representatives to discuss your needs in detail.