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Preparing you for your career choice
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A career plan is an individual’s choice of occupation and career path. At Love For Mankind, our career planning service encourages individuals to explore and gather the information needed to take the best possible steps for the career of their choice. Through this service, we hope to:

  • Synthesize their learnings
  • Start a business
  • Get an internship or apprenticeship
  • Make a comprehensive plan to get the job that suits their skills and abilities
  • Gain the necessary competencies they need for the career path they will take
  • Aid them in making decisions and setting their goals
  • Prepare them emotionally and socially
  • Learn how getting a job can change benefits, such as food assistance, social security, and Medicaid
  • And more

When to apply this service

The person’s service and support administrator, or SSA, will determine whether or not they require career planning. If a need exists, the SSA will include it in the individual service plan.

  • employment/self-employment plan
  • self-employment launch
  • career discovery
  • job development
  • career exploration
  • benefits education and analysis

You may request more information here or set an appointment with one of our representatives to discuss your needs in detail.