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We prioritize safety and security.

We understand the significance of ensuring a safe and secure environment, which is why we prioritize safety at every step. Our commitment extends to rigorous background checks on all staff members and volunteers, ensuring thorough screening to uphold the well-being of everyone involved in our program. Alongside these checks, we continuously provide safety training to our staff and uphold comprehensive emergency protocols.
By investing in safety, you’re not just securing peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones; you’re also creating a supportive environment where risks are minimized, and focus remains on participant well-being and growth.

To meet our safety standards, there are associated training fees:

Training Fees

BCI & FBI $90.00
BCI $45.00
FBI $45.00
DRUG TEST $55.00
CPR $65.00
Dodd Training Free
NMT Training Free

For more information on our safety protocols or to discuss your specific needs, feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment with one of our representatives.