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Available for people using Individual Options, Level One, and SELF waivers, Adult Day Support (sometimes called ‘Day Hab’ or ‘Adult Day Array’) helps a person build connections in their community. With this service, people can learn:

  • how to meet and talk with new people,
  • what activities are in their community,
  • how to get places independently,
  • and what jobs are available in their area.

While taking part in Adult Day Support services, a person can also have help with personal care, such as going to the restroom, eating meals, and taking medication.

Adult Day Support may be available based on the understanding of each person’s needs discovered during an assessment. The focus of this mode of supporting a person is to discover and develop skills, interests, and talents, and find ways to connect to the community based on them.

Outcomes related to Adult Day Support should emphasize relationships with people with and without disabilities and progress toward a better understanding of where and how each person can develop their interests and talents with others.

Other ongoing support activities for this service include activities such as personal care and supervision, skM reinforcement, and training in sell- determination.

(Source: https://dodd.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/dodd/waivers-and-services/services/adult-day-support)

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